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Start a series as a companion part of the "Storage Manual" to elaborate on the selection techniques of items for mother and child products in the manual, or the corresponding use methods and baby care methods. For example, intestinal pain, silicone oil will be linked to the corresponding articles of "colic", probiotics will be linked to the relevant articles of "constipation". These articles will eventually be systematically incorporated into the framework of the Manual to make it a truly useful parenting tool. Today let's talk about how to buy baby carriages. The same background reply "baby carriage" can also see the relevant articles.


If someone asks me what stroller I choose now, acquaintances, I might say, cough, what bicycle I want, just use it for a year and buy it at will. You don't want my baby carriage, but there are hundreds of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars on the market. What's more, buy hundreds of dollars, feel wronged, buy tens of thousands of babies, or more or less painful, so there is a class of middle-grade thousands of dollars, specifically for such customers. This has a lot to do with manufacturers'pricing strategy, tariffs, advertising and promotion costs, but it has little to do with cost and quality. In idle fish, you can see this luxury baby carriage, such as Silver Cross, Inglesina, which costs tens of thousands, five small. It does look very beautiful, retro luxurious, good quality and workmanship. But for most families, the utility is poor, can not fold, weighing up to 230 kilograms, pro, you can not hold on for long, will give up soon. In fact, six months ago, the odds of going out for a walk were very small. When you bought it, you thought the picture was like this. A good court is luxurious and romantic.

In fact, the style of painting is like this.

If you encounter step, elevator or or something, you will feel sour. Of course, the world of local tyrants is something we don't understand. Because local tyrants are usually

It is said that Zhou Dong has also used the same style. It may be the owner of a manor or a winery with several drivers and nannies to use it easily. In a word, this kind of car has not been pushed very much in China.


Zhu Danshengwa will use this car later. STOKKE TRAILZ, high landscape car, with a sleeping basket price of more than 10,000. If Silver Cross is Rolls-Royce in the baby carriage, STOKKE TRAILZ is the carrier in the baby carriage.

However, the car must have at least 15 KG, which is most suitable for walking in the community, and if it is an elevator room. Like all other German products such as automobiles and kitchen utensils, absolutely full of materials, sound good is strong and durable, to put it plainly, is heavy! Sink! Sink! It is not a weak woman who has just come out of the moon, but an old mother who is over the age of flower armor. Change one after the swing is finished. Really? Some people say that these cars are equipped with large tires with high landscapes, absolutely safe and shock-proof. But in other words, the living standard is very good now. There are not so many potholes and muddy roads. Children's paper, which is several months old, is only shaking in the residential area and shopping malls. It really doesn't need to buy a SUV to buy a child's car. If you have to buy it, make sure that the people who use the cart are willing to use... 0 - 6 months of baby paper, the probability of going out is really not very high. Even when you go out, the more likely you are to use a backpack, a quilt, rather than a sleeping basket. When the baby can't sit, it's usually six months ago that the big car with the sleeping basket will be used. After the baby will sit down, everyone is eager to change for a lighter one. However, even the parachute version of this kind of high landscape car still retains the weight of 10KG-12KG, which makes people want to cry. Of course, you can buy two baby carriages. But there is also an important problem: baby carriages in Europe and the United States are as large as clothes in Europe and the United States. Asians, especially Asian women, push tanks. If they are not more than 1.7 meters tall, the high landscape will make it easier to see their children's faces, but they may not see the road ahead... road.... Especially when the awning is opened, the picture shows Wu Peizi pushing STOKKE effect map with height over 1.7 meters. If you are not tall and wear flat shoes, it will be inconvenient.

Still like Deng Chao, it's easy to see. This is the umbrella car brand Bugaboo Bee3.

It weighs about 9KG, folds up compactly, and can fit the back of the car.

Both sides can sit, 95 degrees, 135 degrees, 175 degrees to adjust the seat angle, can lie down and sit in a car for multiple purposes. The price is 3K+. This is a baby carriage with very high performance-price ratio in Europe and America. It also has a high face value. The awning has many different colors, which fully meets the personality needs of BMW. The baby carriages of European and American departments can probably achieve this level. But in fact, 9KG is not light. A domestic baby carriage has less than 6KG weight in seconds, smaller folding volume, shock absorption, angle adjustment, chassis elevation and so on. The price is less than 1K. And this kind of baby carriage is very many, the price is 300 to 1K.


Choosing baby carriage, the most critical selection factor is weight and volume. Other additional functions such as adjusting angle, positive and negative two-way functions can be chosen according to their actual needs. In terms of weight and volume, the products on the baby carriage market have almost reached the acme. When the hoarding manual was first published, only Japanese light parachutes could achieve 3 or 4 KG weight and maintain safety and stability. But now the domestic baby carriage can also be achieved, and even developed many more superior performances. The baby carriage that can be accepted by one button, carried on the plane or even put in the shoulder bag has appeared, and the face value is not at all.

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